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When it comes to our process for web design, site hosting, SEO and SEM, and general digital marketing considerations, Indiemint keeps things streamlined so that the client is as involved or removed as desired.

After a consult, Indiemint will build (or revamp) out a website proposal using a test space online that only the client and Indiemint sees and has access to. From there, it is tweaked until perfected and the client learns how to update things themselves along the way. All the while, Indiemint is choosing the proper verbiage, wording, and a few other magical tidbits to ensure top notch local search results on google. You’ll end up with a bragging rights worthy, fully functional, responsive, expansive, contemporary website that shames those clunky drag and drop, “same-y” website builders out there. We’ll get the goods up and running with socials and show you how to maintain and build upon that presence in an upward fashion to ensure grin worthy ROI.

There’s plenty more should the client need anything else, but that’s it in a beautiful little, hassle free, nutshell. The world is complex enough as it is – we aim to break it down for you so you can get back to work on the things you love.