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In a word, WordPress. Indiemint utilizes the de facto internet standard for websites with emphasis on expandability, ease of use, and minimal learning curve for client control. Say goodbye to the stale factor of generic drag and drop site builders and let Indiemint create a truly unique and beautiful aesthetic for your customers.

We also prioritize search engine optimization on the backend, working keywords and various white hat techniques with precision (especially on the local level for the Wilmington, NC market and surrounding regions), hooking google like a delicious bass! Let Indiemint bring you to the forefront of search.

The nutshell is that we make it oh so purty that you can’t wait to show your friends, and we make it so functional that marketing barbs extend in all directions. We’ll also write the right content where necessary (those liberal arts degrees have finally come in handy!)

Making it all easily digestible and affordable with results. Period. Get in touch anytime.